Are you struggling to improve your orchard yield or growing more crops? Try Bee Pollination in your orchard this year and observe the difference it makes!

Swarm Removal

Are you facing Bee swarm problems and don’t know where to go? Pine River Apiary have the perfect solution for your dilemma.

Hive Relocation

Has your bee cluster/swarm turned into a hive? Don’t be scared; Pine River Apiary has the right equipment and expertise in relocating beehives.

Bee Keeping Training

Improve your knowledge about bees and learn bee keeping skills from Pine River Apiary.



Let’s see what some of our previous clients have to say about us

“I have been purchasing honey from Pine River for my restaurant for the past fifteen years. Their honey has always been the most pure, raw and organic out of all the others that I have tried. Other than providing quality honey they have also happily helped me numerous times in relocating any bee hives formed at my property”.

“I run a fruit orchard in the suburbs of Michigan. For my business I need bee hives to pollinate fruits throughout the year. Pine River Apiary have been providing me with the healthiest bees since the last seven years. My business is nothing without them”.

“Pine River Apiary are the most honest and reliable apiaries I’ve tried. They stay true to their words and offer the finest quality products and services. They have the perfect knowledge about bees and can advise you the same without concealing any information”.

About Us


Pine River Farms began with the dream of our founder in 1995 who had recently migrated to the United States from Europe. Having grown up in his grandfather’s apiary in Europe, helping his father manage the farms, our founder learned professional techniques and methods to sustain thriving apiaries in multiple states.

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